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Our group has concerns about conflicts of interest in the adoption of this ordinance amendment, including one of the Board members and one of the Planning Commission members signing easements with Invenergy. We requested copies of meeting minutes and learned that 22* out of 50 of the monthly Board meeting minutes from the last 4 years are missing. 

*This was corrected on 8/9/22. Previously it showed 23 missing minutes, including the minutes from 2/7/17 since the ones posted for that date were actually the minutes from 11/7/17. Since this website launched, the township corrected that error and the 2/7/17 minutes are now available online.

The installation of industrial solar facilities directly contradicts what is in our Township’s Master Land Use Plan. We do not believe our Board or Planning Commission has done their due diligence investigating a change of this magnitude. Our group has significant concerns regarding property values, environmental impacts, economic impacts, health risks, etcetera. 


s during the meeting. 

Click here to go to the Resources page for articles, studies, and videos about industrial solar. 


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