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Slideshow from a presentation given by zoning expert Kevon Martis in April 2022: Zoning for Utility Scale Solar: What Townships Need to Know. 


A study from Michigan State University's Center for Economic Impact, by Economist Steven Miller: click here.

Diminished Property Value Examples from Real Estate Appraiser Mary McClinton Clay 9/3/2021

A presentation by Judge Dennis Kolenda on Exclusionary Zoning in Michigan, from 11/21/21: summary and video. Note: we've been told by our township that they can't make the ordinance too restrictive because they'll get sued. So far we have not found many  documented cases, and none where an energy company has won a lawsuit like that, but this describes a case where the township has won. 

A Dane County, WI town is suing utility regulators over a solar project, stating it violates the Wisconsin Constitution and the commission's own rules: article here

Written by North Carolina State University Professor and Extension Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger, who specializes in corn, soybean, and small grain crop science: Solar Farming: Not a Good Use of Agricultural Land

Two Forbes articles: If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive? , and an article from 6/17/22 about Invenergy using 'Nefarious Tactics' to Push More Wind Turbines. 

MSU retracts wind zoning recommendations after renewable energy industry complains: article by Michigan Capital Confidential. 

From The Carolina Journal: Big Solar Farms May Be Stressing Agricultural Ecosystem

An expose on solar farms, by retired Rutgers University Professor Calvin Luther Martin, PhD, titled Solar Energy: Yes or No? 

Letter from Mashburn Real Estate Appraisal Group to Citizens for Responsible Solar, regarding utility scale photovoltaic solar sites' relation to surrounding property values: click here.

California went big on solar. Now they are struggling with recycling the panels. Article from the LA Times. 

Why do we burn coal and trees to make solar panels? by researcher Thomas A. Troszak. 



Docs and Articles

Confessions of an Environmentalist (5 minute video). 


A presentation by Judge Dennis Kolenda on Exclusionary Zoning in MI: video from 11/1/21

Zoning for Utility Scale Solar: What Michigan Townships Need to Know. Presentation by Kevon Martis, given in Lenawee County, July 2020. Mr. Martis also has a wind zoning presentation available here that was given on 4/8/21 for Montcalm County, MI.  


What's Wrong with Wind and Solar? Explained by Energy Tech Expert Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at Manhattan Institute and Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science. 

Think a solar field is quiet? Think again. Watch this video about Cypress Creek Renewables Invertor Noise.  

A TED Talk by Michael Schellenberger, who spent a portion of his career as an advocate for renewable energy, but has since changed his mind:  Why Renewables Can't Save The Planet.

The trailer for the documentary film Bright Green Lies, by award winning filmaker Julia Barnes can be viewed here.

Planet of the Humans, a full length film (1 hr 40 min) from producer Michael Moore that explores the environmental movement (including wind and solar) and how it has failed to fix environmental concerns. 

Trailer for the movie Windfall, about a proposed wind turbine installation in upstate NY. 


Other Websites


Twp & Gov Links

Keene Township Website

Keene Township's Zoning Ordinance, along with the Solar Ordinance Amendment can be found here

Keene Township Meeting Minutes can be found here

The Michigan Open Meetings Act (OMA) handbook

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